Fred Minnick Review of Bradshaw Bourbon

Bradshaw Bourbon is proud to announce the honor of being hand-selected by Fred Minnick for a blind taste test review. Bradshaw Bourbon finished 2nd in the review alongside the fierce competition of strong brands such as Eagle Rare, Old Forester, Wild Turkey Rare Breed, Daviess County, and others.

Fred Minnick is a Wall Street Journal best-selling author, Editor-In-Chief of Bourbon+, and former lead American whiskey reviewer for whiskey publication Whiskey Advocate. As well as being an accomplished author, Minnick is the current Bourbon Authority for the Kentucky Derby Museum. Also on Minnick’s resume is judging the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and World Whiskies Awards. With all of these accolades, Minnick is considered the foremost authority on all things bourbon in today’s booming bourbon world.

While Minnick has procured one of the most impressive bourbon resumes to date, it doesn’t hold a candle to the influence he simultaneously created. Minnick is one-of-a-kind in today’s swirling media world, because he truly cares about the bourbon. Minnick met bourbon in a very unique way and thus he treats it in a unique way. He tells it how he sees it, and people love seeing bourbon through his lens.

If Minnick reviews a bottle and likes it, good luck finding that bottle on the shelf. Before Minnick covered it there was a time when $12 Six-Year-Old Heaven Hill Bottled-in-Bond was easy to find. The story is the same for $250 15-Year-Old Cask-Strength Barrell Bourbon. Some say he influences the market, he says he just likes bourbon.

With September being National Bourbon Heritage month and Fred Minnick being a living legend in the Bourbon world, for Bradshaw Bourbon to be part of his story is something we truly cherish. If you have the chance please go read about Minnick’s life story, he has lived a very full life and for him to be a part of the bourbon world is something special.

We celebrate this accomplishment and are very excited about the future of Bradshaw Bourbon!