Terry Bradshaw probably never thought he would ever make his own bourbon; however, if he did, he would have no choice but to call it Bradshaw Bourbon. According to the  Courier Journal, Bradshaw’s love of horses and football is matched only by his passion for a great bourbon. He even went so far as to plan a big dinner around the bourbon at the Kentucky Derby Museum once.

According to The Drum, Bradshaw’s Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey was a play to dominate the competition, including celebrity peer and buddy in the bourbon space, Matthew McConaughey. The NFL Superbowl champion and lively sports commentator even ensured that the alcohol content of Bradshaw Bourbon aligned with his quarterback completion ratio of 51.9 percent.

According to Men’s Journal, in a professional tasting competition between bourbons under the $60 mark, a respected critic scored Bradshaw’s bourbon second place. Bradshaw took the advice of a former high-ranking U.S. official by choosing bourbon as a cherished pathway to passive income, and it appears to be a fantastic investment. Bradshaw’s winning record is admirable, in and outside of football, even if it might not be the best celebrity-owned bourbon brand around.

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